• Regional Child Adoption Advocacy

    A Healthy Child Care Makes a Healthy Nation.

  • Knowledge is Power

    Young orphans getting the most important wealth: Education

  • Feeding Children at the Centre

    Keeping the children fed enables them to focus in class as well as in other social activities

  • Developing Skills and Nurturing Talent

    We engage in sports, Drama, music, and several income generating activities.

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The Vision

A Healthy Child Care Makes a Healthy Nation

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Regional Child Adoption Advocacy

A Healthy Child Care Makes a Healthy Nation

I have learnt that life is worth a living only when there are other people that you can laugh with, people that you can interact with and have fellowship with. To maintain this, there is need for diversity. Diversity only comes with variety.

This means that we need so many people to have varieties. People will always be there if we keep our generations flowing. This brings a burning desire in man, to have children. It is so natural that it is so hard to avoid. There is joy in children. Right from one household to another, it is the only constant thing that has brought joy and laughter even in times that one doesn’t have a reason to laugh. There is a fulfillment in man when children are in the surrounding.Children are a nation’s pride.

They carry on the unfinished projects that the forefathers started. They carry on the name of any given family and nation. There is joy and pride in having children. In African culture, one was considered wealthy if he had many children. There was some belief that they will add more wealth depending on how many they were:


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